Brief Update, September 2023

So I've realized that while I quite like Ko-fi on the whole, I can't stand its interface for adding new blog posts. And beside that, I've continued to get a trickle of new subscribers to my Substack - where I can also give out subscriptions, unlike Ko-Fi.

My current plan is to switch back to Substack for releasing my letters to the Web- using a mix of free and subscriber-only posting, while I'll use Ko-fi for sharing garden images to folk who subscribe over there. (I'm also working on, like I've mentioned, re-starting my digital garden: access to that might be available as a subscription or one-time purchase, on Ko-fi, later, as well.)

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In the physical world, I made some good progress tidying up our home and taking steps toward being able to relocate toward someplace smaller… just in time for the property managers to come by and want to do some cosmetic interior maintenance they've been deferring since before we moved in, so we needed to re-tidy everything making space for that work. Meanwhile the property continues to have damage that technically make it uninhabitable, and has had these damage for months… and the HVAC broke again.

Luckily, cooler weather came in, which makes that less of a problem, and gave us opportunities to catch up on some of our own deferred work, in the garden, including catching up on dealing with our worm and mushroom farms. (For worms, we do Eisenia fetida (red wigglers) and Eudrilus Eugenia (African nightcrawlers); for mushrooms, we do Ganoderma lucidum (red reishi), Pleurotus citrinopileatus (golden oyster), and Pleurotus ostreatus (pearl oyster)).

I haven't made too much progress with the digital garden itself, given the run-around on chores, but I have done a little bit. My hope with my next chunk of free time is to add records regarding the worm farms, and then with the next chunk, writng a post to explain how and why I'm bothering keeping those records.

Anyway - to catch up Substack subscribers, I'm going to collect my last couple letters I released on Ko-fi here, and then send out the subscriber-only newsletter I released on Ko-fi on Substack.