Argumentative Essay Catalog

This is a content catalog for argumentative essays.

File date-published description
Ross Nichols and American Anthropology 2023-12-24 Ross Nichols had a significant, and arguably negative, impact on American anthropology's understanding of Native Americans
A Broken Election 2023-12-07 The AFN National Chief Election (2023) was a spectacle of farse and dysfunction
Call to Act! Against Asteria 2023-12-07 A Disneyfied denial of the Haw River's history... and a threat to its possible futures
Unmasking a Delusional Covid Risk Assessment 2023-11-29 A liberal perspective on risk assessment limits folks ability to perceive real risk.
Librem Should Have Followed My Escalation of Communication 2019-05-01 -
Facebook Did Not Accidentally Fail 2018-04-11 -
Facebook Learned Nothing 2018-01-20 -
Doctor Allen Spreen Is Conducting Fraud 2017-12-17 -
Public Posts Implicitly Endorse the Framework They Discuss 2017 Public posts are implicit endorsement of the framework they discuss.
Don't Check In At Standing Rock 2016-10-31 -
Bernie Sanders Is a Bad Hire 2016-04-28 -
Bernie Sanders Still Can't Win 2016-04-28 -
Gun Control Stats Are Wrong 2014-10-29 -